Muster is an artistic project which moves beyond the framework of a traditional two-dimensional image. A throng of small figures tumbling on monochrome surfaces. Lines and surfaces penetrate each other giving new variations which can be continued and extended in a serial printing process.

Muster was staged in winter 1996/97 as an as if image campaign. In a sense, an "all-over performance" which included numerous Billboards in nine German cities, exposure on the TV programme Kulturzeit (3Sat) for a week, and was available gratis as a postcard in cafés and restaurants. It still can be visited at its Internet site. (http://www.artthing.de/archiv/muster)

Beyond this Muster has been shown in ten exhibitions. Galleries, "Kunstvereine" and Museums served as model spaces in which the total concept was shown. Prototypes were available for sale and a simulated product range displayed the spectrum of vehicles on which Muster can be utilised.

In the meantime, Muster is making efforts to find a place on the shelves of department stores and specialist shops. In so doing, it will make the form of a permanent exhibition to be found on ties, shorts, carpets, furniture coverings, swimming costumes, hand towels, shower curtains, exclusive underwear, socks, dress materials, wallpaper, bags, shoes, porcelain, tables, chairs, laminates... . The textile company Christan Fischbacher, has already begun with bed sheets.

Bringing Muster to the marketplace was from the beginning an element of the basic concept. However, until now this has referred primarily to bringing an idea to the public and has aimed less at achieving distribution of a real product. With the real product, we aim to realise our intention of creating an artistic project which moves beyond the contexts in which art is normally viewed.

In the process of establishing a broader public for Muster it tests normal economic strategies, via its particular use of advertising and distribution.

Reise began in 1998 as sort of interim balance of Muster. Reise travels the whole world, always on the trail of Muster (perhaps it doesn’t even exist - or maybe it does). Reise will be very personal and private. It is documented by data which are reminiscent of photos.

© 1996-98 Ute Reeh